Winnie the Pooh

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Pooh and Piglet - The Windy DayA.A. Milne wrote and had published his first collection of Winnie-the-Pooh (or Pooh Bear as this fictional bear is often called) stories in 1926.    
Two years later in 1928 ‘The House at Pooh Corner’ was written.
Milne also wrote poems about Winnie the Pooh and in 1924 one poem was included in the children’s verse book ‘When We Were Very Young’. In 1927 many more were included in ‘Now We Are Six’. E.H. Shepard was the illustrator for all four books.
Beswick produced eight Figurines from 1968 to 1990 and Royal Doulton produced 72 from 1996 to 2004

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