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David Hand Animal FigurinesDavid Dodd Hand, who was born in January 1900, was an animator and animation filmmaker, best known for his work at Walt Disney Productions. Hand worked on numerous Disney shorts during the 1930s, eventually becoming supervising director on the animated features Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Bambi.
Born in Plainfield, New Jersey, Hand began his animation career working on the Out of the Inkwell cartoons throughout the 1920s. He joined the Disney studio in 1930, during a major drive by Disney to recruit from the cream of animating talent. Hand immediately made his mark as an animator, contributing to mostly to Silly Symphonies such as Midnight in a Toy Shop, The China Plate and Egyptian Melodies.
By 1932 he was regarded as one of Disneys top animators (despite some complaints that his work was “too mechanical”).[1] as well as having become a close
After leaving Disney in 1944, Hand went to England and for J. Arthur Rank established Gaumont British Animation at Moor Hall in 1946 to produce the Animaland  and Musical Paintbox cartoon series.  He died in October 1986
In 1949 the Animaland characters were made into  eight ceramic figures by Beswick,
The Beswick  Animaland figures continued to be produced until 1955, but they proved to not be very popular, and low numbers were sold.  Ironically, they are now highly sought after.


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