Beatrix Potter Figures

Peter RabbitBeatrix potter had herself tried to get a porcelain manufacturer to produce figurines of her animals.   She was not happy, however with the results of the first attempts.
It was Lucy Beswick, wife of the Managing Director of the Beswick company that first suggested that Jemima Puddle-duck would make a good figure. Arthur Gredington, the company chief modeller produced a clay model for approval of the Directors and copyright permission was sought from Frederick Warne and Co.
Further characters were modelled and the first collection of ten figures was ready in 1948.   These were first launched in the United States because of war time restrictions in United Kingdom.
It was not until 1977 that all of the Tales had contributed characters.
Beswick continued production until 1969 when the Company was taken over by Royal Doulton.  The Beswick Backstamp was used until 1989 when the figures were transferred to the Royal Albert backstamp.  However this was short lived and in 1998 they were returned to the Beswick Backstamp.

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