The Snowman and Friends

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Royal Doulton began producing The Snowman Figurines in 1985. They have become very popular and very collectible as have the Coalport figurines.

Coalport ceased the Snowman series in 2001 however since 2002 UKI Ceramics Ltd. under contract with Coalport have commissioned  several limited editions. 

Royal Doulton The Snowman

Royal Doulton Figurines 

The Snowman
Style 1, 2 and 3 
Style 1,2 and 3
Stylish Snowman
Thankyou Snowman
Snowman Magic Music Box
Cowboy Snowman
Highland Snowman
Lady Snowman

Royal Doulton Flautist Snowman

Bass Drum Snowman
Flautist Snowman
Violinist Snowman
Pianist Snowman
Snowman’s Piano
Cymbal Player Snowman
Drummer Snowman
Trumpeter Snowman
Cellist Snowman

Royal Doulton Drummer Snowman

Snowman Musical Box
Snowman Money Box
The Snowman Tobogganing
The Snowman Skiing
The Snowman Snowballing
Building the Snowman
Dancing in the Snow
Snowman and James The Adventure Begins
Walking in the Air
Dressing the Snowman
The Journey Ends

Royal Doulton Highland Snowman

Coaport Figurines

General Editions
Building a Snowman
Cowboy Jig
Dancing with Teddy
The Wrong Nose
Limited Editions
Chinese Snowman
Drummer Snowman
Play It Again  
The Welcome

Coalport Snowman - Its a Knockout

Just Like Me
Snowman and Friends
Balancing Act    
It’s a Knockout
Snowman Salt and Pepper
A Cold Night In
Walking in the Air
Hold on Tight 
By the Fireside

Coalport The Snowman - Cowboy Jig

All Together Now
The Special Gift
Lady Snowman Sugar Shaker  
Party Time
The Soloist
Let’s Make A Noise 
Keeping the Beat
Strumming Away
Snowball Fight 

Snowman and James Flying

James Speed Skating
Snowman Speed Skating
Snowman Ice Hockey
Snowman Curling