Rupert Bear and Friends

Beswick Series – 1980 to 1986Royal Doulton Rupert Bear
Rupert Bear – (style one)
Agly Pug
Pong Ping
Bill Badger
Rupert Bear Snowballing
Royal Doulton Series – 1998 to 2000

Royal Doulton Podgy Pig

Bill Badger – (style two)
Edward Trunk
Podgy Pig
Rupert Bear – (style two)
Rupert Bear and Algy Pug Go-carting
Rupert with Satchel

Rupert's Toy Railway

Royal Doulton Series – 2004 onwards
Rupert’s Toy Railway


Pretending to be an Outlaw (Edward Trunk) 


Leading the Way (Ping Pong)


Rupert Rides Home


Tempted to Tespass


Looking Like Robin Hood (Algy Pug)


Finishing Arrows and Stringing His Bow (Rupert)


Rupert’s Silver Trumpet


Podgy Lands With A Bump


Bingo’s Huge Firework


Rupert, Bill and the Mysterious Car

Royal Doulton Edward Trunk