Paddington and His Friends

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Paddington - Singing In The Rain

In 2008 Robert Harrop Designs were asked to produce a Figurine Collection to celebrate the 50th Anniversaryof Michael Bond’s book ‘A Bear Called Paddington’.



Royal Doulton Figurines

Resin Series 1996 – 1998
Paddiington “At the Station” 

Paddington - Marmalade Sandwhich

Paddington “Bakes a Cake”


Paddington “Decorating”
Paddington “Surfing”
Paddington “Gardening”
Paddington “Bathtime”
Paddington “The Golfer”
Paddington “The Musician”
Paddington “At Christmas Time”

Paddington Bakes a Cake

Paddington “Marmalade Sandwich”
Paddington “Going to Bed”
Paddington “The Fisherman”
Ceramic Series – 1999
Paddington Bear “At the Station”

Robert Harrop Designs 

Please Look After This Bear

50th Anniversary Musical Box – Limited Edition 1,000
Please Look After This Bear
Paddington Bakes a Cake
Paddington Feeds the Birds
Singing In The Rain