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The Storybook Figurine
will be among our storybook
   heirlooms in the future  
The Hobby of collecting that cute little figurine character that features in so many of our wonderful storybooks is fast becoming a very interesting and popular past-time. 
You know the ones I mean, the storybook characters that we remember from our childhood such as the classic Winnie the Pooh adventures and delightful Beatrix Potter tales.   
Do you remember Characters such as :
Beswick Mr Brown                  Peter Rabbit
              Old Mr Brown
              Paddington Bear etc.
These memorable storybook characters, which I am sure you know well and love much, have a charm and attraction all of their own and they have already captured a place in our hearts.

They are now finding a place in history as we each create our own collection including the little animal figurine. 

Is there any wonder that we adore collecting these unforgettable little creatures or giving them as a gift to a member of our family or a friend.  
These wonderful delicate characters will, without a shadow of a doubt, become the Storybook Heirlooms of the future.
We owe much to the resourceful creativity of the artists who designed and modelled these storybook characters  most notably for the Royal Doulton, Royal Worcester, Beswick and also other famous porcelain manufacturers.  Without their inspiration we would not have the opportunity to collect these storybook heirlooms. 
I am sure that in one way or another you are interested in these cute characters including the adorable animal figurine. What could be more fascinating than collecting say the classic winnie the pooh series or one of the much younger but no less enchanting Royal Doulton china Brambly Hedge figurines.  They all seem to take on little personalities of their own.


Or perhaps you are looking for that perfect little gift to give a friend or a colleague.  Peter Rabbit doesn’t take up much room on our shelves and he might be just the very thing to begin the trail of precious memories.


 A Winnie the Pooh Quote:


Whinnie the Pooh

“Rivers know this:  there is no hurry. 
       We shall get there some day”

         Pooh’s Little Instruction Book
So why don’t you just take your time and………..
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